intoducing the troubadours

Make your special occasion even more memorable with Pure Vintage & the troubadours big band!

The Troubadours Big band is made up of dynamic professional musicians who are hand-picked by Band leader and Crooner, Robby Toner who knows how to bring the golden age of swing and jazz into the modern era.

with a focus on Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Etta James, Michael Buble, and other great artists from world of swing, Band leader Robby Toner together with Ceri Smith will bring Their legendary music and crooning styles back to life.

Their sound is professional, dynamic, and pretty much as good as it gets with fantastic song arrangements!

Robby toner & the troubadours can play as a full 30-piece band or as a smaller combo depending on your event needs, but guaranteed which ever option you choose Pure Vintage & the troubadours big band will take your event to the next level.

If you’re looking to book a band that will take your guests back to the golden era of swing and crooners, then look no further.

pure vintage & the troubadours package

2x 40 min sets

17-30 piece big band

Full Lighting And PA Rig With Dedicated Sound Engineers.

Virtual DJ Ensuring You Have Constant Music Throughout Your Event.

*all packages come with music union approved contracts

pure vintage & the troubadours - packages start from £6000